Our lift top industrial coffee table has been a popular item, and has been customized in so many ways that we can now offer three different versions of it as their own individual pieces.

The original was simple- a coffee table with an adjustable reclaimed wood top. It’s a great piece as-is, but many people looked at it and saw a starting point or blank slate.

Using the original as a base, a customer asked us to add a lower shelf and change the wood top to steel. It was made in the same dimensions as the original, with the patina she liked from our modern industrial Manhattan bar. We liked building it so much we added it to our listings! The all-steel lift top coffee table with shelf is our newest lift top table.

Taking lower storage a step further, the third coffee table was built with a steel mesh back and mesh lower doors. It was built larger, to the customer’s specifications. He kept the patina from the original and changed the wood top to appear more vintage industrial. We’ve received numerous requests for the storage unit coffee table since we added it- both as listed and with minor and major tweaks.

We’re getting more and more requests for customized lift top tables in configurations we hadn’t considered before. This table is an excellent example of a few of the ways we can customize ANY of our industrial furniture. We’re looking forward to sharing the new additions with you as they become available!