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NOTE: THIS IS THE ELECTRIC SIT-STAND DESK VERSION OF OUR I-BEAM DESK. For the more inexpensive, non-sit-stand version, please see our Vintage I-Beam desk. Also, be aware that the pictures in this listing are of the fixed height version. The sit/stand version has larger bases and a control.


If you sit at your desk for long periods of time (like most of us), there might be times that you’d like to take a break from sitting and work standing up. The problem, though, is that your desk height is designed for sitting. With this electric sit-stand desk, you can simply push a button and have it raise to any height from 29″ to 44″ high (most people find around 40″ to 41″ comfortable for standing).  It uses standard AC power and has 4 user-programmable heights.  The lift mechanisms are capable of lifting a whopping 800 pounds, so like all our items, it’s incredibly overbuilt and will last a long, long time.

The design of the desk is fashioned after vintage bridges with their rivets and I-beams.  As you can see, it’s based on two heavy and incredibly industrial-looking steel I-beams and is chock full of rivets giving it a truly vintage look.  Adding to the character of this desk is the use of a reclaimed wood top. We have many different types of wood available to choose from.

The “I-Beam, U-Beam” electric sit-stand desk is available in many different sizes and configurations, but the one pictured is 72″ W X 34″ D.  The adjustable height ranges from 29″ – 44″ High. This one has been done in black, but it’s available in many different colors. You can do a rust brown, go bold and make it red, blue, or nearly any other color for that matter. Other changes that can be made to its appearance include changing the number of rivets, a different top, four pedestals instead of two, adding a return, etc. The top on this one was left unsealed, but we will seal yours (unless requested otherwise).

Please inquire about pricing on any other sizes, dimensions, configurations, or changes you would like.


Model = Emerson

Price as shown – $3,100.00

*A wireless remote can be added to this sit-stand desk for an additional $125.00.


*The desk is shipped in one piece but the top is detachable from the bases to make it easier to get into your home or office.



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