Project Description


Do you ever admire the construction of old steel bridges with all their rivets and I-beams?  We certainly do! This is why we created the “I-Beam, U-Beam” industrial desk – table.  As you can see, this industrial desk is rested on two heavy and incredibly industrial-looking steel I-beams (which are handmade), and is chock full of rivets giving it a truly vintage look. Adding to the character of this desk is the use of a reclaimed wood top and flat black beams. We also have many different types of reclaimed and new wood available to choose from.

The “I-Beam, U-Beam” desk is available in many different sizes and configurations (including conference table size), but the one pictured is   72″ W x 34″ D x 30″ H. The top on this one was left unsealed, but we will be happy to seal it for you at no additional charge. This piece has been done in black, but it’s available in any color you desire. You can do a rust-brown look, or you can go bold and make it red, or blue, or leave the frame raw. Other changes that can be made to its appearance include changing the number of rivets, a different top, four pedestals instead of two, adding a return, etc.



Model: I Beam, U Beam

Price as Shown: $1,475.00


This desk makes a great modern dining table for home as well as in restaurants, bars, hotels, etc.

The desk is shipped in one piece but the top is detachable from the bases to make it easier to get into your home or office.

Please inquire for pricing on any other sizes, dimensions, configurations, or changes you would like.


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