This week we added a few new pieces to our listings- have you seen them?

Our new media console is huge! There’s an infinite number of ways to modify it. Unlike most of the other consoles, it has a thicker wood top that hangs past the front a bit, and a platform-style base instead of legs or wheels.

The rolling file cart is perfect if you’re looking to access your files quickly. It could just as easily be used at home to store shoes, toys, or anything else.

The new lingerie chest is a tall chest of drawers of varying height. The original was designed to hold jewelry and other small items, but, like everything else, it can be customized to suit your needs.

The last piece is simple- but the dimensions can be modified to change the whole function of it! At the dimensions it’s in, it’s a coffee table. Narrower, and it’s an end table. A little taller, and it’s a bench!

There’s absolutely more on the way soon! Keep an eye out for updates, new listings and designs!