Every so often, we are fortunate enough to locate reclaimed wood with an especially interesting history.  This was the case several years ago when we bought a small amount of historical wood that made up the deck of a battleship that fought in WWII, the USS California.  We’ve built several pieces using this beautiful wood – vintage industrial desks, rustic media consoles, industrial tables, reclaimed wood file cabinets, and more.  We’re now down to our last few planks, but we do have enough to build one last, small piece (maybe a desk or two) – and then this amazing reclaimed wood will be gone forever.  So, if you’ve noticed this wood from our website and you’ve considered having us build industrial furniture for your home or office using it, now is your last chance.

We love creating furniture using this wood and will be very sad when it is all gone. Please contact us for availability – it’s not likely to be here much longer.

Here is a brief history of the ship:

Construction of the ship began in 1916 (over 100 years ago!) and it was completed in 1919. She was sunk in the attack on Pearl Harbor at her mooring in battleship row and then salvaged and reconstructed to serve for the remainder of World War II. The ship was decommissioned in 1947 and scrapped in 1959.

This is an incredible reclaimed wood from one of the most important events in history and this will be the last chance to have a piece of furniture built with it, by us, for your home or office!