Project Description

Are you looking for a more stylish way of storing your files?  Do you need to update your office with a more modern look? This industrial filing cabinet may be just what you need.  It can be made in any size, but this one is 84″ x 20″ x 37″ high.  It can be built bigger or smaller, with more or fewer drawers, or virtually any other changes you would like. Building this piece with fewer drawers would reduce the price, also.  We couldn’t possibly list all of the options that are available, so if you have any ideas, feel free to contact us.

This one has file drawers on the bottom and smaller drawers in the top section.  It has a “cabinet” area which has a fixed center shelf and is enclosed by two mesh doors (we could also use a different mesh, solid steel, or wood for this).  The sides of the piece and the drawer fronts are done in steel but can be done in new or reclaimed wood.  This one has a beautiful black finish, which can be made more or less splotchy (see other pieces). To see a similar piece without top drawers, check out The Remington.

The top of this one was done in reclaimed wood, but could also be done in steel.  We have a large selection of reclaimed wood available to choose from, and will always have shades of light, dark and one in between.  Or if you would prefer new wood, we can stain it just about any color you would like.

This file cabinet comes standard with a full back, but other options are available upon request

The rivets add to the industrial feel of the piece, but yours can be made without them (or with more of them).  A new customization we have added is the option for copper/brass look rivets. You can see an example of this in one of the photos above (inquire on pricing for this option). This industrial file cabinet can also be built with casters – the design is completely up to you!  If you would like a piece like this but would like the design changed to suit your needs, feel free to contact us, and I’ll let you know if we can do it and whether there will be any change to the price.

With a few alterations, this piece could be used as a dresser, made with high-quality dovetailed drawers.

Please inquire about pricing on any other sizes, dimensions, configurations, or changes you would like.


Model: Humphrey

Price as shown (in the first four pictures): $4,575.00


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