Project Description

Are you redecorating your office and in need of a more appealing way of storing your files?  Are you having a difficult time finding a file cabinet that is both visually appealing and fits your space?  This piece is your answer.  It is a handmade reclaimed wood file cabinet that can be made in any size you need.  It is made of steel and reclaimed wood, and to say it is made to last would be an understatement.  In fact, it probably weighs about four times what a traditional filing cabinet weighs due to its sturdy build.  Even the drawers are handmade, which means we can build it in just about any size you need.  This one has been made out of light-colored reclaimed wood, but we have several types of reclaimed wood to choose from.  We always have shades of light, dark, and one in between (see our other listings for more examples of the types of wood we have available).  New wood is also available and can be stained in any color you wish.

This particular one is 32″ x 22″ x 32″H, but we can build yours in whatever size you need. As you can see, the sides of the unit are done in fantastic patina, but it could also be any color you would like.  Just be sure to let us know how you would like yours at the time of your order.  The piece also has casters that really add to the industrial style (it can be made with straight legs instead). Don’t forget to check out our desks to combine with your new file cabinet!

Please inquire about pricing on any other sizes, dimensions, configurations, or changes you would like.

NOTE:  We make this same file cabinet in an all-steel version for $1,525.00.  Let us know if you’d like one made!

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With a few alterations, this piece could be used as a dresser or nightstand.


Model – The Monopoly

Price (as pictured): $1,625.00

Measurements (as pictured): 32″L x 22″D x 32″H


All of our furniture is handmade in the USA and built to last a lifetime.


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