Project Description

This rustic industrial corner hutch is handmade from reclaimed wood and steel and built to last a lifetime. The lower cabinet includes a 21” laundry basket that pulls out with the drop-down door. A hole could be added to the top of the cabinet area for easy access to the hamper or a trash bin. The drop down door with basket could be replaced with two hinged doors and inner shelving for use in a living room or dining room as a display. Mesh doors could be added to the upper shelving area to use as an enclosed display. The back angle is pictured at 90˚ to fit snugly into a corner.

This piece can be customized any number of ways to fit your home or office. Inquire for any ideas you may have to make this rustic industrial corner unit work for you. We have several shades of reclaimed wood to choose from, but this could be made entirely from steel for a more rugged, industrial look. Ask about more or less shelving, removable shelves, adding casters, and the many decorative elements we offer for all our pieces.

Model: The Eisley
Dimensions (as pictured): 50”W x 72”H and 34” sides

Price (as listed): $2,150.00