Project Description


This urban coffee table is a unique piece of industrial style furniture that is sure to make a bold statement in any room.  It has a very industrial look to it and it is very versatile.  You can squeeze each piece together for a small coffee table or large end table, or, slide them apart and have a rectangle shaped coffee table.  When slid together (as in some of the pictures), it makes a square that is approximately 21″ x 21″.  Of course, the glass can be larger than this to fit any specific size.  When slid apart,  the dimensions are only limited by the strength of the glass.  So, a standard size rectangle shaped coffee table is certainly possible.  The height is 14 ¾” without the top, but custom heights are available on this urban coffee table.

The steel has been left raw adding to the urban style.  Other colors are available at no additional cost.  Want it a vibrant orange? That would look amazing! Would you prefer it a lime green? That would look great too.  We leave the bolts and washers unpainted (unless you want them painted, but we wouldn’t recommend it).
NOTE: THE GLASS TOP IS NOT INCLUDED with the urban coffee table. Since glass is readily available anywhere in the world, there is no reason to pay for shipping for something that can easily be purchased locally. Most local companies even deliver for free.  We’ll help with finding it for you if you’d like.

Model: The Titan
Price as shown $1,725.00.  Please inquire for pricing on any changes you would like.

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