Project Description


This particular piece is a steel media console (with open middle), but could easily function as a sideboard or buffet.  Each piece is made to order (unless otherwise stated), and there are many options available.  The one shown here (and priced) is 75” W x 18” D x 20” H. It has a steel top but reclaimed wood tops are available (see other listings). We have many different types of reclaimed wood available for you to choose from. As you can see, it has two doors with an open center. However, it can be made with two mesh doors and two solid, all mesh doors, all solid doors, or none at all. We can also use the steel framing that you see, but make the unit with all wood panels. This media console also has a fixed center shelf that runs the entire length of the piece.

*Note: The photos show this piece with no partitions, but we now make them with partitions. If you would prefer yours to be made without them, just let us know and we will leave them out.

The color of this particular one is a fantastic vintage-looking black patina. This beautiful finish is achieved using a four part applied patina which involves a true chemical reaction that occurs with the steel. The vintage-looking finish can be made more or less “splotchy” depending on your taste (patina will vary some between pieces).

Changes to the configuration can be made such as adding casters, using steel or a different wood on top, and of course, changes to the size. Although this piece does not show a back, it comes with a back with a 2″ gap at the bottom. Contact us for our other back options.

Price for one as shown- $1,375.00

Model = Broadway

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