Project Description

This is one of our latest designs: a leather media console!  It would also serve perfectly as a rustic credenza, sideboard, or buffet and would look amazing in any eclectic interior or rustic cabin setting.

This rustic media console is handmade with rawhide by us here in our shop located in Texas.  It can be made in any size or configuration, but the one in this listing is for one that is  72” wide by 18” deep and 27” high.  Please email for pricing on any custom sizes.

As you can see, it has four doors that are leather (authentic leather), but we can make it with any number of doors.  Or, we can make it with mesh doors (like you see on many of our other media consoles) so remote control infrared signals can pass through to AV components.  The top, sides, and doors are also real leather but, can be made with reclaimed wood.  Or, for a more industrial look, we can add decorative rivets as you see on many of our other items.

There is one inner shelf that spans the entire width of the unit.  There are inner partitions between doors 1 and 2 and doors 3 and 4. Let us know if you would like yours built without partitions to accommodate wider AV components.  There is also a back with a 2” gap at the bottom for cables to exit.

We can make the legs any height you’d like.  So, if you want a more “chunky” looking unit, we can make it with shorter legs.  Or, prefer a visually “lighter” looking unit?  We can make it with taller legs. We can also add solid steel wheels to give it a bar cart height and appearance.

Another popular configuration for this particular piece is to make it with a brown frame as opposed to the black one shown.

We can also make your unit in either of the 3 types of leather shown.  Choose from “cream”, “brown-white”, or “suede.” The first few pictures show it with our brown-white leather, while the last picture shows it with the tan/cream leather.

Please inquire about pricing on any other sizes, dimensions, configurations, or changes you would like.



Model: The Goodnight (named after the famous American west cattle rancher, Charlie Goodnight).

Price as shown: $1,575.00

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NOTE: We only source leather from socially responsible providers and they are recycled from the meat industry.  So, no animals are killed strictly for their fur – cowhides are a byproduct of the farming/meat industry.   Also, be aware that we use real hides.  So, expect some variation as all are unique.  Some hides might contain some small natural marks due to conditions inherent to natural animal products such as branding. All natural cowhides have small, minor flaws, which adds to their authenticity.

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