Project Description

This rustic media console, which also has an industrial style, can be made in many configurations and sizes, but the price listed is for one as pictured which is 60″ W x 18″ D x 21″ H. The unit includes vintage-style casters, reclaimed wood doors & top. The sides are steel, but they can be done in wood as well. We always have several reclaimed wood options available and will always have a dark color, a light color, and one in between (let us know your preference at check-out by including a note with your order).  We also usually have a few historical kinds of wood available (such as teak from the deck of a WWII battleship) but these add to the price and supply is very limited (please email for current stock).

As you can see, it has four doors; however, it can be made with a combination of wood/steel/mesh doors (see my other listing to see what this other door options look like). Changes to the configuration can be made such as using steel or a different wood on the top, and of course, changes to the size. It can be made wider, taller, or smaller to fit the area you are furnishing. The back of this piece has a 2″ gap to allow for cables and wires, and it has been built without partitions, which makes it easier to fit larger components (partitions are an available option).

Please inquire about pricing on any other sizes, dimensions, configurations, or changes you would like.

Model: Nightingale

Price for one as shown: $1,900.00.


This rustic media console is a nice addition to any room. It’s great to group all of your media items in one area, keeping it clean and organized.

All of our furniture is made right here in the USA. This quality furniture will last you a lifetime.

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