Project Description


Is it getting more and more difficult to find unique and interesting pieces for your home? Does it seem like no matter where you look, all furniture looks the same? Well, if you have been searching for something stylish, but different from any other piece you have seen, we have just the piece for you.

This particular piece is a liquor cabinet. This also can be used for wine storage or other kitchen and dining furniture. We have already delivered this one to the client, but we would love to make one (or a variation of it) for you. The dimensions of this one are 40″ x 17″ x 42″H. It is made of steel and reclaimed wood and its designed to last a lifetime. We always have several types of reclaimed wood available. Feel free to browse the rest of our pieces to get a look at the different types of wood we have available.

*Keep in mind that there are many options for your piece, as it will be customized to your design. For example, we can change the length, width, or height. We can also change the configuration of doors. Materials can be interchangeable as well.

We create many other custom pieces in this and other styles, so, please contact us if you are looking for a coffee, end, or dining table, desk, or any other furniture. We would love to discuss how we can work together to design a unique piece to fit your needs. We make furniture for both residential and commercial applications, so if you are looking for furniture for an office, spa, salon, restaurant, bar, lounge, etc., don’t hesitate to contact us.

All of our furniture is made in the USA and built to last.  Check out our other pieces for great ideas for decorating your home with quality industrial furniture.

As stated before, each piece is made to order, so if you have any questions, or ideas for your piece, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Please inquire about pricing on any other sizes, dimensions, configurations, or changes you would like.


Model = Davey

Price for one as shown – $2,450.00


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