Project Description

NOTE: We are getting low on this particular wood. Please check availability prior to purchase.

This industrial bookcase (or étagère) is made of reclaimed wood from a salvaged barge that was destroyed as a result of the 2011 tsunami in Japan.  The barge was moored off the California Coast (Mission Bay), when the surge of water, after traveling thousands of miles, caused the barge to break loose from its mooring.  Luckily, a small amount of wood was salvaged and we’re now using it to make some very interesting custom furniture.  This wood has some of the most beautiful patina we’ve ever seen; it’s incredibly varied with rich tones of green, turquoise, white, red, brown, and more. Each piece of lumber is unique and the pictures do not do it justice.

The steel has been left “raw” adding to the industrial style, but other colors are available.

The dimensions of this one are 25.5″ W x 17.5″ D x 72″H.   It can be made in any size or configuration you would like.  For example, we can add cross-braces on the back, eliminate the cross-braces on the sides, make it any number of levels, etc.  This unit would also look great with industrial turnbuckles in place of the steel cross-braces you see in the example picture. Casters would also look great.

We have many different and beautiful types of reclaimed wood.

Please inquire about pricing on any other sizes, dimensions, configurations, or changes you would like.

Model = Austin

Price for one without cross-braces: $1,050.00.

Price for one with cross-braces: $1,175.00.

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NOTE: The reclaimed barge wood will vary significantly and can have many imperfections in it, including, but not limited to nail holes, differences in texture, splits, cracks, etc. This is what gives it its natural beauty!

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