Here is another large order that we just shipped to an interesting client, this time to Canada for Cineplex Entertainment- one of Canada’s largest entertainment companies! We built several custom industrial vanity bases to be installed in their new venue, The Rec Room in Edmonton, Alberta. The Rec Room is a tremendous new concept- with video games, a live music venue, and three different restaurants (think Dave & Busters on steroids).  We’re excited to be able to contribute to it.  We rushed the entire order so as to make it there for their scheduled grand opening just this month.

We’re thrilled to add Cineplex to the list of our corporate customers, and we hope to build more vintage industrial furniture, ping pong tables, and shuffleboard tables for them as they open additional Rec Room locations around North America.

If you’re in Alberta, visit The Rec Room for poutine and abundant entertainment, and look around for our industrial cabinet bases while you’re there!