It’s not unusual for us to get enthusiastic reviews or kind compliments, but I really wanted to share these with you!

We had the pleasure of custom building a bar cart for Scott and Marlene recently. They sent pictures of the cart in their beautiful home (with their dog, Buddy!) and lots of praise. It’s always a thrill to see how people use the furniture they order from us, and they were very gracious in sending photos and describing how they utilize their liquor cabinet.

Thank you again, Scott and Marlene for your pictures and words! I can’t overstate how much I appreciate it.



Let me start by saying that if you are looking for an Amazon-type experience in which you spend a little money and get a “great bargain” which is shipped for free in two days, this is not your web site and this is not your guy. Lee CUSTOM builds furniture from scratch by hand. The process takes time. Lee’s materials are top notch. I will attach some pictures to this. The framing material of the bar is substantial metal. The reclaimed wood is not “reclaimed wood” that one sees on the market. This ain’t old pallet wood. This is some beautiful stuff. The details on the piece are fantastic. Everything is straight, square and solid. We added dome heavier wheels to give the bar an even more industrial look. Again, remember this is a CUSTOM PIECE. The process of working with :Lee on the design was fun and easy. We moved some stuff around. We wanted two pull down doors on the top. Also, we wanted the entire piece to be in wood. What we got was perfect. Fits the space well. Shipping was no hassle. Took about a week and came via Dayton Freight. All in all, an absolutely wonderful experience.


From Scott and Marlene:


Here are four pictures of the bar that show our use.

Several points:

1. The wheels are critical to us. We will move the bar around during parties, including outside onto our patio area.
2. The bar is a working bar. There is a lot of workspace. The dual pulldown doors create a large area for us to mix drinks.
3. The lower area accommodates most of our booze bottles comfortably.