The bitter cold winter months are upon us!  Though it is a break from the oppressive heat, here at Combine 9 we are ready for some lovely spring weather. With spring comes that yearly chore: spring cleaning! We will do all the work and you enjoy a piece of beautiful, custom made furniture. Though all of our products are handmade to order; from time to time we do end up with some inventory on hand and we need to make room in our workshop!

We are offering the following pieces at a significant discount.  Prices are for the on-hand ones mentioned below only (meaning, there’s a very limited quantity) and prices do not include shipping.

Bianca:  We have two sizes on sale.  A 60″ wide one, and a 75″ wide one


60″ – $1,300.00

75″ – $1,300.00, This one has a steel top, casters, and black steel finish.

Forge: A 60″ wide model, a 72″ wide one, a 75″ wide one, and an 80″ wide model.


60″ – $1,375.00

75″ – $1,700.00

80″ – $1,775.00


Remington: One

Price: $3,200.00.


Warp: 3 Available at 60″ wide


60″ –  $1,350.00


Whitney:  3 at 60″ wide, a 72″ wide model, and a 75′ wide model.


60″ – $1,300.00

72″ – $1,400.00

75″ – $1,300.00, This one has a steel top, casters, and black steel finish.


Happy hunting!