Every year we have many customers that would love a piece of our industrial- style or reclaimed wood furniture for one of their holiday gatherings and for it to be the centerpiece of their party and to impress their friends and family! Unfortunately, some wait too long and do not receive it until the holidays have come and gone. Due to the handmade nature of our business, turnaround times can be unpredictable, so it’s never too early to start planning for the holidays; they will be here before you know it! Contact us to start your order today!

While all of our pieces are handmade to order, from time to time we end up with a little bit of on-hand inventory. Currently, we are offering the following pieces at a significant discount.  Prices are for the on-hand ones mentioned below only (meaning, there’s a very limited quantity) and prices do not include shipping. Call us or email us today for one of our on-hand pieces that can ship almost immediately!


Bianca:  We have one size on sale.  A 60″ wide one


60″ – $1,300.00

75″ – $1,300.00 – Solid Black with Casters


Forge: A 60″ wide model, a 75″ wide one, and an 80″ wide model.


60″ – $1,375.00 (Steel Top and Distressed Frame)

75″ – $1,700.00

80″ – $1,775.00


Warp: 1 Available at 60″ wide


60″ –  $1,350.00


Whitney:  3 at 60″ wide, and 1 at 75″ wide.


60″ – $1,300.00 – (Different Dimensions – 60″ x 18″ x 24″ H).

60″ – $1,300.00

60″ – $1,300.00 – (Steel Top with Four Mesh doors)

75″ – $1,575.00 (Steel Top, solid Black)