Love our work, but have a lower budget or looking for a deal?  Although we’re a made-to-order company, we’ll occasionally end up with some on-hand pieces that are taking up space.  So, to clear much-needed space in our workshop, we’ve lowered prices on these items for a quick sale!

Here is a listing of the items we’ve recently lowered.  Most have been lowered significantly and probably won’t stay around long.  So, if you’re interested in any of them, please get with us regarding availability.

Cedric Media console (item #115). Measures 70″w x 20″d x 25.5″high. It has a wood top, wood sides, and wood outer doors.  The inner doors are mesh, like the original.  It  has 2 middle vertical front tubes instead of 1.  Price=$1,150.00 (this one only).

Whitney media console (Item #0055). It measures 60″w x 18″d x 20.75″h, has a steel top and four mesh doors.  The price has been lowered on this one to $1,000.00! (this one only).  The original Whitney can be found here:

Bianca media console (item #00180).  Same as original and 60″ wide. The mesh on the inner doors is slightly smaller.  Price: $1,100.00 (this one only – regularly $1,400.00).  The original Bianca can be found here:

Woodrow media console (item #240).  It is just like the original, but has 6 doors (4 reclaimed wood and 2 mesh).  Lowered significantly to just $1,400.00 (this one only)!  The original Woodrow can be found here:

Finnick Corner Unit (item #137) – It’s like the original, except it’s 42″ across the front, 30″ along the sides, and 26″ high.  Discounted price: $700.00 (this one only).  The original Finnick can be found here:

Afton File Cabinet – steel face version (item #121).  Lowered to $600.00 (this one only).  The Afton can be found here:

Copper media console (model “The number 29”).  It is just like the one pictured and to clear space in our workshop, it has been greatly discounted to $1,200.00 (This one only.  Regularly $2,050.00).  If you’d prefer to have black rivets, we can paint them for you at no additional charge.  Inquire about item #238.

Victoria credenza. It is just like the original but with the dimensions of 83.25″ W x 22.5″ D x 36″ High.  Lowered to just $1,350.00 (this one only)! Item # 000235.  The original Victoria can be found here:

Forge credenza. Item #216.  Dimensions 75″ x 18″ x 21″ H – Like Original. Discounted to $1,500.00.

Forge credenza. Item #00155, Dimensions: 80″ x 18″ x 21″ high.  All else same as original. Price: $1,500.00 (this one only)

Monopoly filing cabinet. Item #0211, Lowered the price to $900.00. It is just like the one pictured, but with a darker reclaimed wood. (This one only – regularly $1,500.00).

Teller Shelving Unit – (Item #0116) It is a 4 shelf version.  To clear space in our workshop, we’ve lowered the price to just $600.00 (One only.  Regular price $1,325.00). The Teller can be found here: