Our Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Combine 9 is a collective of artists, designers and builders that have a passion for creating “furniture art” for the home and office.  Many of the pieces we make are vintage industrial in style and are often made using repurposed and salvaged materials. We are based in Houston Texas and we ship world-wide. Since this is a timeless yet modern furniture look that virtually lasts a lifetime, it becomes even more affordable when considering the amount of purchases the average household may make over the decades.

Our materials

You may be looking for the distressed or unfinished look, painted, or a nice finish which can be made from just about any recycled solid hard wood, and not all of it is barnwood (go there) (sometimes referred to as farmhouse furniture). What we create is truly unique pieces, utilizing various materials including steel, wood and vintage materials. We’ve procured resources from historic buildings, WWII aircraft carriers, and other woods that had an amazing “past life.” Our delight is manufacturing timeless pieces for our customers which are built to last longer than a lifetime and can be passed from generation to generation much like the Amish pieces. Whatever you’re looking for, we deliver high end custom pieces at affordable prices.

Ordering Your Perfect Piece

While most of our pieces are made to order, we occasionally have some items on hand. Please let us know what you’re looking for and we would be happy to let you know what’s available.

We can also outfit your business with modern and vintage industrial pieces such as tables, desks, hostess stations, busboy carts, liquor cabinets and others. Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.