Project Description

Do you have a subwoofer in your home that sticks out like a sore thumb?  Then this piece might be the solution.  It’s a subwoofer enclosure/cover, that would fit in with any modern/industrial décor.  It can be made any size you wish and with any type of top.  There are many options available for this piece, but the price listed is for one as pictured which is has inner dimensions of 18″ W x 22.75″ D x 19.5H.  If you let us know the size of the speaker you are trying to cover, we’d be happy to create this piece in the size you need (Please inquire for pricing on different sizes).

This piece has a beautiful wood top, and we have many different types of wood available to choose from, including some amazing reclaimed wood, some of which has been reclaimed from historical sites (historical wood is rare and affects the price; please inquire).

The color of this particular one is a fantastic vintage-looking black patina. This beautiful finish is achieved using a four part applied patina which involves a true chemical reaction that occurs with the steel.  Other colors are available such as a brown/rust color, tan, red, blue, and many more.  The vintage-looking finish can be made more or less “splotchy” depending on your taste.

Model: The Beatbox
Price as pictured-$590.00

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