Reclaimed wood (i.e. barnwood) furniture is coveted for its unique and timeless essence. One of the more appealing features of using recycled wood for furniture is that each piece of wood, every grain, every knot each tells the story of a past life. There is a nostalgic heir about every piece of furniture, which seem to transcend time as well as compliment just about every design aesthetic. Whether rustic or modern, industrial or vintage, a nicely chosen piece of furniture can “go” with just about every interior in the home or office.

Recycled Barn Wood Appeal

Looking at furniture from large retailers never seems to evoke any emotions other than the pride of making a purchase. The kind of furniture that most people buy is usually with one room in mind and seldom visualizes the piece in any other future setting – mostly because many people have developed a “throw-away” attitude towards their furniture. And with good reason; box store furniture doesn’t stand the test of time. Unlike most furniture built in the early twentieth century, most new furniture is made of man-made materials and veneers which wear out. Not so with a quality hand-made piece of our barnwood furniture, which is built to last for generations. So take back your buying power and build equity into your household with furniture that will never need to be replaced. You’ll not only save money in the long run, you’ll have something that is a genuine one-of-a-kind piece of high-functioning art which will be sure to be a conversation piece as much as a it will accomplish the job you bought it for.

Recycled Barnwood desk

Barnwood desk

3 sided barnwood console table outside

Barnwood Console Table

Recycled barnwood media console

Recycled Barnwood Media Console

barn wood dining table

Reclaimed Barn Wood Dining Table